Welcome to YourWebsiteValue.com

YourWebsiteValue.com was developed to help all website owners get an idea of how much their website is worth. We have over 18 years of Online experience and have developed and sold many websites. Your Website Value is in the process of building a tool that will help you estimate your website worth and give you an understanding of how websites are valued.

Please visit back shortly as we are about to launch our new tool to help you estimate your website value. In the meantime you can visit sites like Flippa┬áto get an understanding of how much developed websites are selling for and what buyers are looking for in a developed website for sale. Remember websites are not only valued by the amount of money they make. Many factors are also considered when determining what is a website’s value. Factors such as how much content is on the site, does the website have social media interaction, the age of the site, and several other important factors.

Social Media and Website Values

Social Media is huge these days and we are all using it one way or another. Which brings me to the point of can we value a website based on the social media followings one has? As we are in the process of building our valuation tool we are trying to figure out if we should also calculate social media influence. I have noticed a ton of websites that literally have no visitors but their Social Media pages on Facebook and Twitter are full of people interacting about the companies product or service. In the coming days as we do more research on this matter I will try and implement Social Media influence into our website value tool.