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Your Website Value tries to estimate websites values, using its website value calculator that evaluate and calculate websites yearly potential based on many factors such as:

  • Number of pages indexed in search engines;

  • Number of sites linking to the website;

  • Quality of website;

  • Popularity of the website;

  • and more.

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Based on our Website Value Calculator, here are the top estimate websites that are worth the most.

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September 24, 2010

Error in our processing queue!

We noticed this morning an error in our processing queue.

It caused one of our service chain to be locked since September 11th. No no, it is not related!!

We are very sorry and all clients affected were offered a credit for future purchases (or full refund).

We do appologies and take full responsibility.

April 12, 2010

Faster ... much faster analysis!

It's been a long wait. Something we wanted to do back in December. Four months later, and we have finally improved our analysis system. Searches is now much faster.

But we were not idle.

We are working with partners in order to improve our services. Expect changes in the next 6 months.

This brings another subject: partnership. YourWebsiteValue is always looking for opportunities. If you have a good idea, contact us.

December 3, 2009

Hello again for Version 3!

Our calculator is very good and have not been in need of improvements for quite a while.

Our clients are happy and we are also happy about them.

DISCOVERY: But last week, we have found a way to speed up the calculator (by gathering information faster). It is not yet implemented, but we will do it in the next couple of weeks. We will call it *ta dam* Version 3.

As always, contact us. Our clients are important to us.
Client: ... I have been checking your website to see when I will get the report I ordered from you ... Please let me know when the report will be available. It has been more than a week. ...
Us: ... It should have been done by now. I've open the queue and I have put a rush on it. It should be done Monday. Very sorry for the delay. ...
Client: ... Cool... Thank you for responding so quickly. Looking forward to seeing the report on Monday. ...
Us: ... I just checked on your report. The job is done and the report is being revised. ... Just so you know, the report should be available via our website. ...
Client: ... Thank you. I have looked at the report and it appears well worth the wait. ...

July 3, 2009

Get to be known!

We can help your website grow! We don't do magic!

A website should grow slowly but constantly if you want to make it a permanent source of revenue.

We have the knowledge and the tool to help you. We provide "Detailed Reports" and "Search Engine Optimization".

If you take as example this website (, we have worked hard and have been patient. But the website have kept growing steadily. And that's the key.

This website was started November 2007. We are now in the top 25,000 websites on the web. You can do it also. We can help you.

Contact us.

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